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Hello. How is everyone doing?
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Feeling really good rn.


Thats good to hear.


I gotta abandon this site or else i will lose what is left of my sanity. I successfully left this site for at least a month or some time, and I was doing well. I decided to come back and that was a fucking mistake. I ran into good friends of mine which made me feel like shit for going away. Irrational paranoia is a fucking bitch, im losing my mind and i saw a thread asking if i was still around and i legitimately started to tear up. They hadn't forgotten about me. What's keeping me here is guilt, and that If im gonna leave again which is what i think i should do for my sanity i gotta do something. SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT LIKE A SLIDESHOW OR SOME SHIT. OR A MINI MOVIE. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. It's not the first time i've left, and each time i feel shittier for leaving because when i come back I feel like i've just been toying with them which makes me feel even shittier AAAAAAAAAA


you don't have to feel bad about it, we understand you, anon.
and indeed try to channel your emotions into something creative, a slideshow/mini-movie as you said it yourself.
you might get some sort of, i dont want to call it enlightenment, but a conclusion of sorts.
just don't worry about it that much desu.


How about drawing?
That's another way to channel your creative energies.
Probabily easier than making a minimovie, unless you like making a mini movie, anon.
Another thing is, how did this issue start? Not to pry, but getting down to the main issue might help you.

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I hail from the mother chan. But, please hear me out.
I have assembled a small team and we are making a documentary on nightwalks.
We only need a few narrators to help.
If any of you would be willing to narrate you can post a vocaroo or you can e-mail it to me at nightwalkersproj@gmail.com

I promise not to make myself anymore of a blight to this slow but, fine forum.


Interesting, but I'm not narrating, I'm interested in getting the link to mother chan.


I swear to FUCKING god if that means 8chan


I dont know if any of you care but here is the link to the finished product.


oh hey 4kun and da fak is motherchan


Thanks for sharing. I understand that's from 4chan, right?
I like it anyway. It maybe isn't incredible in quality, but it's nice to see a creative effort by anons, also it keeps it anonymous while making it more personal, and that's cool imo. The stories aren't fictional, are they? I mean the more personal ones at least
Anyway if you do make another I would gladly contribute some music, if you want to

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>post opinion
>"SHUT UP (insert tripfag here)"
Just fuck my shit up.
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This is the state of 4chan rn. I wonder if the people saying they had sex before and have better lives are people who have no connection with the site entirely or are people from other sites like Reddit or Tumblr.




How does everyone feel about 4chan now?
Any good moments you had there recently?
Any bad?


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Absolutely not. Same wanker shit as always.
The huge divide between this place and 4chan is that in here, you're tied to a certain culture. Tradition is protected, values are upheld, philosophies are engraved.
Meanwhile a bunch of /co/ shitters watching Shitty Jewniggers can raid 4/i/ and there's nothing you can fucking do about it.


4chan doesn't exist anymore. It's something else now.

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yall got a spotify playlist?

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Can we please get a comfy thread on the comfiest chan so far

please post comfy images and discuss this website since its relatively new
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animu comf


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Watch this till the end


It was a comfy lol, I'll give you that


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Could a yandere girl ever be a viable partner?
What are your thought /b/?




it's very rare, and even if you do manage to find one it's gonna be costly
what i imagine having a yandere gf is that
you won't be able to fap to any pics
you can't get out without having her by your side
and if you fuck up you're gonna get killed by her
but overall i think it's good if you are the submissive type


>good if you are the submissive type
No wonder I consider Yuno the be the GOAT of waifus.


See, my problem with women is the fact that they need attention 24/7 or else they call you abusive and go fuck a negro. The loyalty aspect of a yandere is very appealing to me, but I don't like the idea of constantly having to watch over her/let her watch over me. My ideal gf is one who can understand that I don't show love by hugging/talking. A silent car ride is all I need to stay in love. I need a girl who can sympathize with me on that. However, I can understand the appeal of a yandere gf. Especially if she helps me live out my illicit fantasy of wiping out as much human life as I possibly can before getting shot to death by pigs.


Screw yanderes, hate 'em.

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I somehow got 13 hours of sleep today but I still feel fucking awful.
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I know the feel, dude. I caught some nigger virus from a mosquito once, shit had me fucked up good for a couple years. I'd get 10 hours of sleep a night and still have to take 4 hour naps during the afternoon.


some US army manuals say that soldiers shouldn't be allowed to sleep for more than 12 hours at a time because then it causes "sleep drunkness" effect


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I got 2 hours of sleep and I feel great!


i have stayed up for 2 days and i still felt good


That is because you overslept, obviously.

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anyone else meeting their gf online?
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yes im retarded srry


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My gf is an anime character


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It's fine




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Also, I'm on the way to getting one, but IDK as I don't want it to cause a problem in my works before I have a higher role at the place.

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>be me
>greentexting in my underwear
>just got a girlfriend
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jesus i truly hope that's not ur gf


>not going commando


nadine swims past


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>just got a girlfriend
Good job OP!
I'm getting there with what I got but I got lazy about getting there with a best friend of mine.


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who else /e gf cope/

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Perhaps i'm wrong, but it seems the other thread is not only a bit too long, but a bit outdated. The main goal is to let everything out, vent, about everything. What you did today, what you are going through, how you feel and so on. Hopfully it'll be a bit therapeutic and help you heal, and relax. I dunno. I'm just going through hell in my life and on the last thread i just exploded and if i don't let it all out i could be hurting myself, and a new thread could be like some sort if fresh start. Maybe we all deserve a fresh start sometimes.
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>I don't think I fit anywhere, and I mean anywhere, because I can't exactly relate to those on the bottom of the social status, but nor can I exactly relate to those normal or even above the social status. I feel like this is all in my head and I'm just being delusional and complaining and all this stupid shit but.. I just don't know what's going on.
I feel like that too, but for different reasons. I feel like I miss something that all other people have, which makes me weird and far from others even if people can sometimes enjoy my company and I theirs. I can hardly feel like part of something, but I really want to.
I'm probably in a better place than you right now, I still believe I can find happiness so I have something to live for and I have friends, even if I haven't seen them in months. I have plenty to die for to.
People usually say "find a hobby" in these cases. For me it's always been important to care about something, so I always try to keep my hobbies alive. I've lost much drive too actually, but that's my fault. Anyway a hobby might give you a reason to live. You said you lost your passion, well I think you should try to find it again. Maybe for the same thing, maybe for something new.
Also I don't know your situation exactly but to me it doesn't seem like the having the same economic background is fundamental to forming friends. I've seen rich guys be really close to not so rich ones. So you can make friends anon, but I can't really give you advice on how to get them.
Good luck anon, you can make it. We both can


Well I guess at least it's over. I'm sure you have your problems but at least not life threatening.
Btw that's a pretty cool photo. Did you take it?


thanks. I hope too.


>A hobby might give you a reason to live.
I've tried this and it doesn't offer much, thanks for your help though.


Same anon as >>1309 here. Who responded to >>1310 as >>1313
I should add on and say that when you mentioned I should find something new, it gave me this thought of working on something I've wanted to try out. I'll give that a shot, aside from that hobbies don't really work for me. If I work on an objective though, then that'll give me the drive to go forward I guess.

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The internet's so fucked. By extension, so are we. It's so goddamn depressing to think about how the one place where I can feel even slightly good at something is such a shithole. The web's fallen so far, and it's only getting worse. Is there any hope of restoring it back to what it was?
I feel like the entire human race had a mere 20 years to communicate with itself freely, before the internet became commercialized and nobody can fucking say or hear anything real anymore. Will we ever be able to achieve such true global interconnection again?
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I think its perfectly fine on /pol/ there's a lot more going on there that necessitates the ability to distinguish who's saying what. foul play in a political climate would be one of the worst types of shitposting in my opinion


How about robots.txt ?


I actually believe that the internet died a couple of years ago, the web's appeal was in exposing yourself to new ideas, and finding people who are intersting in yours, this requires the user to go out of their comfort zone and reach out to others.
The internet now is boring, it doesn't interest the same type of people who lived it's ealy days.
If you are looking to get that same feeling of connection with others the web provided in the past, i would try the old way, traveling.


For facebook and other sites, its all a game of ego and narcisism. It's not about who you are on the inside, its about external. People judge you for everything you are, and you advertise and lie about yourself to make you and other people FEEL BETTER. With imageboards. I don't know who you are, what you look like, no profile pics or anything. When we talk, nothing matters, everything external is stripped when you an imageboard. The onlything that matters is who you are on the inside.


>"when you an imageboard"

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in this thread, you tell how do you feel or what you've experienced today. the point of this thread is to make every single day count (hopefully) and hopefully remove off some robot personality

i feel nothing really of significance happening today or tommorow. this really annoys me because i have things that i want to do today in my head but never really have the motivation to execute it.

how was your day anonbots?
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I feel like i revealed too much personal information.


I'm gonna dox you


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Quite frankly. Im an idiot. What made imageboards so great is it's anonimity. And i'm so broken as a humanbeing that i broke the one main rule. For now on guess if its me. No more tripfagging for me. Because of the storm squirrels tried to break into the house and we had to catch them. Here's one out of many i catched.




Anyway, a final word of advice. Get rentors insurance.

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>make online friend, best one so far
>get ghosted
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>no friends whatsoever


used to have a bunch of online friends I would always manage to fuck it up some how and lose them


Me, except I don't necessarily forget about them. I just doubt myself and start thinking that I'm an autistic loser who's bothering them with my existence.


>make online friend
>ghost them


File: 7ae.gif (482.43 KB, 506x516, 253:258, 1567122725093.gif) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

And oh forgot to say, the best one so far is a best friend that has the most same interest with mine than my other ones, and has ghosted me unless I reply back to a post on another website made by her about other topics than what we're interested to for her followers.

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Post them now guys.
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wonder what future memes would be like.


File: nRpujhn_d.jpg (34.93 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1566385426767.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

lovijg yrself is a factor in ppl love for u


File: 1566351775526.png (33.63 KB, 675x694, 675:694, 1566431022148.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]



File: 1565898956730.jpg (83.36 KB, 750x736, 375:368, 1566937095182.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Someone has that Kronos pepe meme?


I am sure they'll be... interesting.

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>work at an animal shelter (mostly with cats) alone at night
>always loved three cats there, one of which was a kitten and another was old and fat but also a sweetheart
>knew someone wanted that kitten, mentally embraced myself for his disappearance

>fast forward to wednesday

>old, fat cat was adopted
>get depressed, but still have the kitten for some reason, thought he would never go
>fast forward to friday
>he was adopted too

>my only real furry friend now is an orange cat that only has one other cat for company

>can't adopt him because i already own two rescues that lived with me since 2013


What's it like working at an animal shelter?


It's nice, mostly because nobody actually bothers me there. I work at the dead hours when the shelter is closed (around 6 - 9) and the paycheck is always big to compensate for the 15 hour work week.
Some of the cats are vicious assholes, though. There's a room where two untamable ones always hide around shy kittens, and because of them, I go there dead last.


Is this am or pm?



Wait. So would you recommend working at one?

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